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PITTSBURGH, PA, December 21, 2018 – Pittsburgh, PA-based intellectual property law firm, Ference & Associates, announced today that it secured preliminary injunctions in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania in two civil actions filed against sellers on Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. The orders prohibit the companies from manufacturing and selling alleged counterfeit goods similar to the Negg® boiled egg peeler, manufactured and sold by plaintiff, Airigan Solutions, LLC, based in Connecticut. The order also prohibits Amazon, PayPal, and AliExpress and other online stores and payment systems from providing services to the defendants’ user accounts as well as any activity with the defendants’ financial accounts with these companies pending the outcome of the litigation.

“We are pleased that the court granted equitable relief in the first cases of this kind filed in the Western District of Pennsylvania,” said Stanley Ference, the firm’s Managing Partner and lead attorney on the matter. “We look forward to litigating the claims on our client’s behalf.”

“We worked hard for a long time to develop a superior product for our customers and to obtain the appropriate patent and trademark protection,” said Sheila Torgan, co-creater/maker of the Negg® product. “We are happy that we will have the opportunity to present our case and stop counterfeit versions of the Negg® from being sold.”

The Preliminary Injunction Orders were issued by Nora Barry Fischer, United States District Judge for the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania. Judge Fischer previously issued Temporary Restraining Ordersagainst these online sellers.

Stanley Ference was assisted in this matter by Brian Samuel Malkin and the team of attorneys and professionals at Ference & Associates.