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Pittsburgh, PA-based intellectual property law firm, Ference & Associates announced that it secured judgments in the amount of $44 million and permanent injunctive relief in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania in a civil action against online counterfeiters who were selling the products on Art-House Store and other online reseller sites. In 2019, Ference & Associates secured over $100 million in judgments against Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and others for online counterfeiting, bringing the firm’s total judgments entered to over $150 million.

The judgments prohibit the defendants from manufacturing and selling counterfeits of the Rapid Slicer® kitchen product, which is manufactured and sold by Connecticut-based Rapid Slicer, LLC. Judge Marilyn J. Horan awarded the maximum of $2 million in statutory damages per defendant pursuant to Section 15 U.S.C. Sec. 1117(c) of the Lanham Act.  The total judgment against 22 defendants is $44 million.

“We continue to represent businesses whose brands are violated through counterfeiting,” said Stanley Ference, the firm’s Managing Partner and lead attorney on the matter. “The courts have taken a strong stance to date to protect high-growth businesses whose revenues are impacted by counterfeit products sold through online resellers.”

“We have worked hard as small business owners to ensure our clients have an effective and useful product,” said Cindy Fox, who is the co-owner of Rapid Slicer, LLC, with her husband Rob Fox, product creator. “We were grateful for the court’s judgment and hope other small business owners have the opportunity to protect their intellectual property rights.”  Information about the Rapid Slicer® may be found at www.rapidslicer.com.

Stanley Ference was assisted in this matter by Brian Samuel Malkin and the team of attorneys and professionals at Ference & Associates.

About Ference & Associates

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ference & Associates provides a full range of intellectual property legal services to global and national clients in technology-intensive industries, including software, electronics, biotech and entertainment. Ference is the leading firm for brand protection online.

About Rapid Slicer, LLC

Rapid Slicer, LLC was founded Rob and Cindy Fox in Shelton, Connecticut. Rapid Slicer®  is a multi-purpose tool that provides a safe and stable platform for slicing foods in half. The product is made in the United States with high-quality, BPA-free, FDA-approved food grade material.

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